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Stop betting ads in sports

We’re calling on the government to stop betting ads in sports and want you to add your voice.

The government are reviewing the laws that regulate gambling at the moment and that includes how betting companies are allowed to advertise. This is the first time since 2005 that the law has been reviewed so this is a key opportunity to reset the rules and protect the most vulnerable.

Gambling advertising is widespread

More than 70 per cent of Premier League and Championship clubs have a commercial relationship with a betting company either through shirt sponsorship or endorsement. The involvement of gambling advertising isn’t limited to elite sport either, through sponsorship, advertising and preferred commercial relationships it is plays a role in grassroots sport as well.

Advertising codes have created carve outs for sports that allow betting companies to reach young people, and while children’s replica kits can’t carry a gambling sponsor, the parent’s kits can. Astonishingly shirt sponsorship isn’t classed as advertising, so we’re asking the government to stop all advertising, sponsorship and preferred commercial relationships from gambling companies in sport.


Why speak up now?

The Church has a role to speak out on moral issues that affect our society and by stopping gambling advertising in sport we can help protect vulnerable people and stop the normalisation of gambling in sport.

Gambling addiction is a severe problem in our society, and the official body providing advice on safer gambling recognises that gambling is a public health issue. Nearly one in five people with a gambling problem have considered suicide and this group is around eight times more likely to have attempted to take their own life than the general population.

By limiting access to gambling and by removing advertising the government can help to save lives.


How to respond

The government’s review is wide ranging and covers a number of aspects of gambling regulation. This is a vital opportunity to have your voice heard by sharing your stories and evidence. We are asking you to respond to two questions:

Question 11: What are the benefits or harms caused by allowing licensed gambling operators to advertise?

Question 15: Is there any additional evidence in this area [gambling advertising] the government should consider including in relation to particularly vulnerable groups?

What to say

Start by setting out that you are only responding to questions 11 and 15 of the review, and that your response is in reference to both questions.

We encourage you to share any stories or evidence you have of how gambling has negatively impacted your local community, whether that’s through addiction, debt, family break down or mental health challenges.

Our view is that gambling is not a normal recreational activity, it is one that has significant negative consequences and therefore should be carefully regulated and advertising should be restricted. If you have evidence of how widespread advertising of gambling particularly affects vulnerable people share this here.

About is a campaign supported by a wide range of Christian groups, especially those involved in sports ministries, to engage with the government’s review of the 2005 Gambling Act and press for an end to gambling advertising in sport.

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